Evolution of an offshore strategist

17 10 2009

In which we present an overview of a possible learning path for an average sailor… This might not describe you!

  1. Basic understanding of sailing – boats can tack upwind at 45°, sail straight downwind
  2. Understand how to pick maximum VMG off the polar, adjust angle on beat
  3. Sail straight to next mark on reaches, sail VMG upwind, gybe downwind where appropriate
  4. Choose path based on wind strength
  5. Identify favoured tack
  6. “Do I sail maximum VMG or maximum boatspeed? Some blend of the two?”
  7. Understand common situations – sailing in a persistent shift
  8. Choose path based on wind angles
  9. Can project plan forward to hit laylines
  10. Beginning understanding of VMC – see step 6
  11. Tricky up-downwind transitions make sense
  12. Sailing in shifts – footing on VMC upwind, sailing high down – no more talk of “pure upwind”
  13. Can pick a fast line across a gradient
  14. Can work forward track out 2-3 days
  15. Can work backward solution from waypoints
  16. Non-routing router



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