Offshore Handicap Fleet

Riptide 50 : 50′ long distance racer/cruiser designed by young local NA who made his name with I-14s before moving on to AC boats and beyond.

Schock 40 : 40′ canting-keel speedster that uses two moveable foils for lateral plane and steering.

Flying Tiger 10 : Container-shippable 10m sportboat.

One Design 35 : Early 90’s 35 footer. “Conventionally” fast boat

IOR 1 Ton : International Offshore Rule  40 foot level class boat. The era may be long gone, but there is still life left in these boats. Fast upwind, a handful down.

Mumm 30 : Successful mid 90s offshore one design.

Mount Gay 30 : Water-ballasted 30 footer that evolved out of the Whitbread “box” rule. Competitive home-built boats exist

J24 : Needs no introduction!

IOR 1/4Ton : Can’t possibly keep up with the big boys, but might give the J a run for it’s money in some conditions. Of course there is always corrected time!

Hints for choosing a boat (spoiler warning?)

riptideThe handicapping scheme is based on ORC Performance Line – which uses both a TOT (time on time) and TOD (time on distance) factor to calculate corrected time. Boats’ effective rating varies from race to race, but a single number for each race allows on-the-water figuring of corrected position. In routed test races using these boats this scheme has provided results that are fair, and should allow even boats that are disadvantaged by the weather to compete. On top of the corrected time result, there is of course bragging rights within each one-design fleet and the chase for line honours. 11 races in one!

Corrected time = (Elapsed time * Linear T) – (Race distance * Linear D)

We’ll be posting a running commentary during the race. SOL ranking in the boat-list will be elapsed time as always. Corrected time will be posted at the conclusion of the race.

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